Linking to WebExtension URL within an iframe on a website?

Christopher Li licy at
Thu Jan 11 08:40:22 UTC 2018


I'm trying to replicate the behavior of my Chrome extension in Firefox, where I have an extension page (let's say at moz-extension://355b0e74-736e-304b-9050-a8354cfb4374/html/toll.html?r=http%3A// <moz-extension://355b0e74-736e-304b-9050-a8354cfb4374/html/toll.html?r=> ) that's overlaid onto an arbitrary website inside an iframe.

When I do this in Chrome, the user gets to see the html page from the extension and interact with it as if they were directly on that page. But Firefox doesn't seem to load the iframe contents at all.

Is this intentional? Is there a way to load my extension's page like this?

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