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Fri Sep 22 12:40:03 UTC 2017


We are the developers of the BrowserStack's Firefox extension. Our goal at
BrowserStack is to help developers to test websites/apps seamlessly on all
the major platforms. That is made possible by our extension which acts as a
reverse proxy and let user test local servers by tunneling the connections.
For your reference:

With the changes to the Firefox API leading up to version 57.0, our plugin
was marked as legacy because it's based on XPCOM-javascript API. Now, we
are all excited about new WebExtensions API and the future it holds but
currently, it's missing one of our most used API, chrome.socket.*

Currently, we use the following services on Firefox in our extension:

   - nsISocketTransportService
   - dnsService
   - nsIScriptableInputStream
   - nsIInputStreamPump
   - nsIBufferedInputStream
   - nsIAsyncInputStream

Checking online, we found that we might not be the only group using the
above APIs. Mozilla and BrowserStack announced a partnership recently and
we don't want our customers on Firefox to miss out on seamless local
integrations! We want to understand if there are any alternatives to the
above APIs.

I have cc'd my fellow team mates and Adam, who helped us with the right
contact (Thanks Adam!).

Thank you for helping us out!

Dhimil Gosalia,
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