Help migrating "Master password timeout (updated)" to WebExtensions

Jorge Villalobos jorge at
Fri Sep 1 16:39:44 UTC 2017

Hello Julian,

I think porting your add-on is blocked on this bug:

At the moment it looks like it's awaiting input from the Security team.
I'm pretty sure this won't make it to Firefox 57, but I suggest you add
yourself to the CC list so you stay up to date with any updates to this.


On 9/1/17 1:06 AM, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Hi there!
> I've been maintaining "Master password timeout (updated)" since I
> forked it from an abandoned original add-on "Master password
> timeout":
> It is a very simple add-on, with just a single options window and then
> a piece of JavaScript which causes the Master Password to be forgotten
> after a certain amount of idle time.  If this were incorporated into
> Firefox itself, then the add-on would become redundant.  But in the
> meantime, it would be great to update it for WebExtensions.
> There's one piece of JavaScript which needs fixing, independently of
> the WebExtensions change, and that's trivial to do.  But I have little
> time to learn about WebExtensions: is there anyone out there who would
> be able to (help me to) migrate this extension?  I'd be happy to pass
> on maintainership, if there's any way to do so.
> Many thanks,
>    Julian
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