Help migrating "Master password timeout (updated)" to WebExtensions

Julian Gilbey julian-ff at
Fri Sep 1 07:06:18 UTC 2017

Hi there!

I've been maintaining "Master password timeout (updated)" since I
forked it from an abandoned original add-on "Master password

It is a very simple add-on, with just a single options window and then
a piece of JavaScript which causes the Master Password to be forgotten
after a certain amount of idle time.  If this were incorporated into
Firefox itself, then the add-on would become redundant.  But in the
meantime, it would be great to update it for WebExtensions.

There's one piece of JavaScript which needs fixing, independently of
the WebExtensions change, and that's trivial to do.  But I have little
time to learn about WebExtensions: is there anyone out there who would
be able to (help me to) migrate this extension?  I'd be happy to pass
on maintainership, if there's any way to do so.

Many thanks,


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