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We are trying to migrate our Firefox extension to the new webextension
standard, and we have some difficulties.


1.       We need to open the proxies preferences. Not changing it, but only
open. Actually, we do : 



How can we do the same with webextension ?



2.       We need to get the real html source of the current tab, and to pas
sot to an external binary. Actuelly, we do :


var _prefService =


        _prefService.setBoolPref("view_source.editor.external", true);

        _prefService.setCharPref("view_source.editor.path", "app.exe");

_prefService.setCharPref("view_source.editor.args", "add_source_file");


// send ctrl-u

var utils =
ace(Components.interfaces.nsIDOMWindowUtils); utils.sendKeyEvent("keypress",
117, 117, 2);


//clear specific params

       _prefService.setBoolPref("view_source.editor.external", false);

       _prefService.setCharPref("view_source.editor.path", "");

_prefService.setCharPref("view_source.editor.args", "");


How can we do the same with webextension ?


Many thanks for your response


Best regards,

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