Intent to deprecate geckodriver ARMv7 HF builds

Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Mon Sep 17 14:23:41 UTC 2018

As we are preparing for a geckodriver 1.0 release, we wish to
announce our intent to not provide ARMv7 HF builds ahead of time.

It will still be possible to self-service arm7hf builds by building
geckodriver yourself.  On Linux it is relatively straight forward
to do via means of rustup toolchains.

Our reason is that it has been hard to get the cross-compile
environment on TaskCluster to build a target binary for the host
system due to some challenges with cargo.

We are not excluding the possibility that the ARM builds of geckodriver
will return at some point, but they are not a priority that should
block us from releasing geckodriver from TaskCluster or from reaching
1.0 stability.

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