test262 copyright issues even existing at all is a bit weird...

Max Power dist23 at juno.com
Sat Nov 23 17:59:17 PST 2013

The most amazing thing to me is that test262 code would necessarily be 
copyrightable at all, except for the "copy freely but don’t alter" context.

Copyright law in the west, even BSD or Open Source in general is kind of 

I find it strange that Disney in the US, just because it is able to afford 
to buy members of the US Congress -- can get 150 year copyright on a lot of 
its historic material. Copyright law -- based on the original perimeters of 
protection in the "Statue of Ann" -- should never go beyond 11 years (or one 
solar cycle).

The computer / IT realm should be wary of finding the right or sensible 
copyright context for the things that actually need it -- and not get 
entangled in the aspect of the state of lawlessness that has become endemic 
to copyright law in the west.

My stance on this, not really informed by anyone but myself, is that you 
should write test-262 tests, then release them under a liberal license, and 
ask your favorite Ecma member to copy them into test-262.

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