Coverage of for-in

Gareth Smith gds at
Tue Apr 16 10:18:18 PDT 2013

There doesn't seem to be any coverage of the issue described in the
following V8 and WebKit bugs:

The issue is that if a non-enumerable property shadows an enumerable
property, for-in should not enumerate it.

I've suggested a possible test here:

While I was looking for tests which cover the issue above, I noticed
test ch12/12.6/12.6.4/12.6.4-2.js (quoted below).

It sets up a non-enumerable property in the prototype of an object we
wish to loop over. It does not shadow this property. It does not test to
see if that property is enumerated. Is this test intended to test a
behaviour I haven't thought of, or is there a bug in this test?



function testcase() {
        var obj = {};

        var proto = {};

        Object.defineProperty(proto, "prop", {
            value: "inheritedValue",
            enumerable: false,
            configurable: true,
            writable: true

        var ConstructFun = function () { };
        ConstructFun.prototype = proto;

        var child = new ConstructFun();

        Object.defineProperty(child, "prop1", {
            value: "overridedValue1",
            enumerable: false
        Object.defineProperty(child, "prop2", {
            value: "overridedValue2",
            enumerable: true
        var accessedProp1 = false;
        var accessedProp2 = false;

        for (var p in child) {
            if (child.hasOwnProperty(p)) {
                if (p === "prop1") {
                    accessedProp1 = true;
                if (p === "prop2") {
                    accessedProp2 = true;
        return !accessedProp1 && accessedProp2 && child.prop1 === "overridedValue1" && child.prop2 === "overridedValue2";

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