Supporting multiple ECMAScript test suites

Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at
Mon Aug 13 10:05:35 PDT 2012

test262 isn't a single test suite anymore: Right now there are three different test suites in the repository - ECMA-262 conformance, ECMA-262 best practices, and ECMA-402 conformance. Soon we may want to fork off an ES6 test suite as well.

What should the web site look like that provides access to three or more different test suites? Right now, you see
and you don't see

I propose we rename the site to
and then have
as a welcome page with links to:
Later we'll add
which will eventually become the new

What should the corresponding bug database buckets look like? Right now, there's a
  Test262 | Test suite for Ecma-262 implementations
product with components
    Test Harness | The infrastructure for running test262 tests
    Test262 website | The website
    Tests | The individual tests that make up the test262 suite

I propose we change this to
  Test Suites | Test suites for ECMAScript implementations
    Test Harness | The infrastructure for running tests,
                   including the web site
    ECMA-262 Tests | The individual tests for ECMA-262
                     (Language Specification) conformance
    ECMA-402 Tests | The individual tests for ECMA-402
                     (Internationalization API) conformance



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