Shell test harness

David Bruant david.bruant at
Thu Jul 7 04:58:48 PDT 2011

Hi Paul,

I've been working a little bit on the test262 website so I can share my 
2 cents. Basically, the test harness is in the sth.js file 
You can find my own version as an attachement here 
( Besides a (unproven) 
performance win, I have refactored the file to make it independent of 
how tests are run.

One important thing to think about is that you have to run each test in 
a fresh ECMAScript environment (otherwise, the execution of one test 
could interfere with the result of another). This is done in the test262 
website by running each test in a new iframe (the code was dependent on 
creating an iframe, but I have removed that dependency in my code by 
scoping the iframe variable in the method). For that matter, 
Microsoft has showed a demo of test262 not running tests on iframes, but 
rather in WebWorkers:

Le 07/07/2011 02:27, Paul Biggar a écrit :
> - What does 'config/excludelist.xml' record? Is it the same
> information in SputnikGlobalscope.js, or is it different?
SputnikGlobalscope.js distinguishes tests that need to be run in the 
global scope. Running it encapsulated in something else would change the 
result. I think this is used for strict mode tests.

config/excludelist.xml lists tests that are invalid. They're kept for 
legacy reasons (and maybe they are just disabled temporarily waiting to 
be analyzed of fixed)

Hope it helps,


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