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Paul Biggar pbiggar at
Wed Jul 6 17:27:29 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

Has anyone done any work into making a shell test harness for test262?
I'm interested in adding them to Mozilla's continuous integration, and
it would be easier with a shell harness than without.

Assuming there is no harness (I took a brief look around), what do I
need to take into account to make one? Some specific questions:

-  I found SputnikGlobalscope.js, which has a format like this:

GlobalScopeTests["S7.2_A5_T1"]={"assertion":"White space cannot be
expressed as a Unicode escape sequence consisting of six characters,
namely \\u plus four hexadecimal digits","description":"Use TAB

How do I interpret 'negative'? Does '.' mean the test should succeed?

- What does 'config/excludelist.xml' record? Is it the same
information in SputnikGlobalscope.js, or is it different?

- Are all the tests in suite/sputnik_converted/, or do I also need to
look in ietestcenter/ and sputnik/ ?

- What are the semantics of $ERROR and $FAIL; how do they differ? (I
assume $PRINT and $INCLUDE are obvious?)

Thanks in advance. I'm happy to make this into a README to be
contributed back if that's useful.


Paul Biggar
Compiler Geek
pbiggar at

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