bugzilla support for ES5, test262, and Harmony

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Thu Feb 17 13:48:15 PST 2011

We now have a bugzilla instance up and running (thanks to Dave Herman) to support TC39/ECMAScript projects.

It is accessed as https://bugs.ecmascript.org/ 

It has product categories for:
	ECMA-262  The current ES5/5.1 and ISO specification
        Test262	 The ECMAScript test suite project
        Harmony  Work related to future EcmaScript editionbs
        TC39 Infrastructure   The emascrpt.org website, wiki, discuss lists, bug system, etc.

We can create additional categories for projects such as the I18N work as they are needed. I took a first cut at defining components under each product.  Let me now if you think we need more.

Registration to use the bug tracker is open.  Yo do not need to be an ECMA member to report a bug.

For ES5/5.1 bugs I would appreciate if you first open a bug but also make a posting referencing the bug to es5-discuss at mozilla.org

A similar usage pattern probably makes sense for the other projects.


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