RDF work and backwards compat

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Thu, 24 Nov 2005 11:40:41 +0100

Benjamin Smedberg wrote:

> Axel Hecht wrote:
>> I have been doing some thinking about the progress of the RDF engine, 
>> and backwards compat is becoming a blocker on the road.
> There is another option, which is to drop RDF from "the platform" 
> altogether. Tbird (and suite) could keep shipping the current code in 
> mozilla/rdf because they're so tied up in it. With the bookmarks and 
> history rewrites, and the XUL templating engine to support XML and 
> data-driven templates, Firefox and the platform don't really need RDF 
> for anything useful. I think with a little work we could use an little 
> RDFXML importer written in JS to migrate the existing uses of RDF 
> (mimetypes, extension manager) and then just drop core RDF support 
> entirely.

It seems like there is more than one head thinking or working on this. 
Oddly enough, I was giving talks and spending cycles on improving it.

Anyway, removing code needs internal discussion, and public discussion, 
too. The all-hands sounds like a good occasion to do some of the 
internal discussion. To estimate the impact of such a change, I'd need 
public comments, though, and a migration plan.

I do see conceptual problems from what I have heard so far, but I doubt 
that I have a good picture of what's going on yet.