Content team meeting tomorrow, 1pm Pacific

Chris Hofmann chofmann at
Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:23:54 -0800

notes from the meeting.

Brendan Eich wrote:
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> International: 205.354.0119
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> Agenda, feel free to extend or demand clarification:
> 1.  XBL2 free-for-all if people want it, possibly dwelling on "how 
> dynamic?" binding issues, and perhaps on security.  All useful results 
> to be reflected to the mozilla.xbl list.
some brainstorm on this.   follow ups to newsgroup.
> 2.  "Fuzz-testing" (AKA StirDOM, in the form jruderman realized as a 
> bookmarklet) bugs and how to tackle them.  We want to fix all of these 
> ASAP, but we haven't sized the problem.  This will just be a kick-off 
> item, for sure.  Root tracking bug is 
need highest priority on two bugs that will allow getting deeper into 
the testing and nearer to the end of the bug list
-  boris?
- who can help?

jesse to continue reducing test cases on the bugs bclary filed earlier 
this week.

jonas to take the initial lead on analyzing the full list of bugs to see 
if a few deeper fixes can fix general problems  stirdom random styles

share ideas if you have done any looking at this yet or have found 
general patterns.

> 3.  Mark Hammond's DOM_AGNOSTIC2_BRANCH status and any hot probs 
> requiring team help 
> (
-branch needs review
--how to divide?  jst looking at dom changes, looking good so far.  
expect to finish in a couple of weeks.
-- XBL interface changes?  -- should be simple jst,  boris?, bryner?
-- XUL ?

post branch landing

-mark has memory management work underway.
-- proceeding with something that will work for python.
-- longer term group should look at super gc idea to manage both js and 
--- look at roc's gc memory management proposal?   get on the 1.9 schedule?

-script type attribute
-- boris and mark have something worked out.  mark may need a bit more 
help understanding to implement
-- check irc logs

-- ask a language how trusted it is -- python will only execute if local

> Last item should come last, so that MarkH has time to rise and shine 
> and join us from down under ;-).
> /be