Content team meeting tomorrow, 1pm Pacific

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 18:08:02 -0800

IRC #content on
US toll free:  866.489.0573
International: 205.354.0119
Passcode       *8660257*

Agenda, feel free to extend or demand clarification:

1.  XBL2 free-for-all if people want it, possibly dwelling on "how 
dynamic?" binding issues, and perhaps on security.  All useful results 
to be reflected to the mozilla.xbl list.

2.  "Fuzz-testing" (AKA StirDOM, in the form jruderman realized as a 
bookmarklet) bugs and how to tackle them.  We want to fix all of these 
ASAP, but we haven't sized the problem.  This will just be a kick-off 
item, for sure.  Root tracking bug is

3.  Mark Hammond's DOM_AGNOSTIC2_BRANCH status and any hot probs 
requiring team help 

Last item should come last, so that MarkH has time to rise and shine and 
join us from down under ;-).