Why Python?

Brendan Eich brendan at meer.net
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 16:07:48 -0800

Benjamin Smedberg wrote:

> What I'm concerned about is that the roadmap should be a document 
> saying "this is what we are actually planning to do", rather than 
> "this is what we'd like to do, and we'll cut stuff later". 

The roadmap has always been more expansive than a scheduled plan to 
ship.  It has to include architecture hygiene, future growth 
initiatives, and a few wild hairs.  If we are planning 1.8.1/fx2, then 
that's different.  Given the time to 1.9 and the community radius, it's 
wrong to talk *only* about what "we" (who?  how narrowly are you 
serializing) actually plan to do.

But of course, we (Mark Hammond) are getting close to done, so this is 
kind of moot.

> A generic "we can solve this with stub installers and dynamic 
> downloading" response isn't good enough! 

You've heard that it is good enough, from at least two Brendans.  I 
think you are protesting too much.  We do not provide the right JVM for 
all uses of Java, including impending JavaConnect (JavaXPCOM it should 
be called) support in XULRunner.  Java and Python are extremely similar 
in this case, but for the lack of XUL "scripting" via Java.  But that's 
a detail.