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Darin Fisher darin at
Sat, 20 Nov 2004 00:01:16 -0800

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

> I've set up the latest MediaWiki on rodan, visible at 
> .  Right now, I didn't change the 
> home page -- eventually, it can just become 
>, and we can use rewrite rules to hide the 
> index.php.
> I migrated over the existing public wikis (Mozilla2.0, XULDev, 
> SVG/SVGDev, Calendar, GeckoDev, DocShell) into namespaces on the new 
> wiki (Mozilla2, XUL, SVG, Calendar, Gecko, DocShell), so links are 
> prefixed with that.  I tried to preserve most links through a simple 
> script, but it probably failed more often than not.  However, there 
> wasn't that much content to begin with, and most everything seems to 
> have made it over ok.
> I didn't touch any of the private wikis; those should probably remain 
> as private UseMod wikis (they should continue to work fine even when 
> the public wiki becomes
> You'll need to create an account/log in (button in the upper right) to 
> edit pages, which should drastically cut down on the number of spammers.
> Let me know if there are any problems/comments before we move it over 
> to
>     - Vlad
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Was it supposed to munge existing content?  This doc,, despite being under 
construction, is pretty badly munged as if this wiki doesn't understand 
basic HTML tags.  It also seems to have replaced the text "SDK" with 
"[[Gecko:SDK]]".  Is that expected?  I think I realize what the wiki is 
trying to do, but hrm :(