new wiki online

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir at
Fri, 19 Nov 2004 18:27:31 -0800

David Miller wrote:

>> I didn't touch any of the private wikis; those should probably remain 
>> as private UseMod wikis (they should continue to work fine even when 
>> the public wiki becomes
> How much would be involved in making the private ones work with the 
> new wiki software?  This looks much more usable than the one we've 
> got, and I'd love to have this for the sysadmins one if nothing else :)

There isn't anything in the wiki for access control, other than logged 
in vs. anonymous.  However, you could easily set up an entirely separate 
wiki installation and put it behind an auth prompt, and keep all the 
private wikis there -- that assumes that everyone who has access to a 
private wiki will have access to all of them, which is probably not 
necessarily true.

Setting up a new wiki isn't all that difficult though; just requires a 
copy of the mediawiki dir and a mysql db per wiki, which isn't too bad 
esp. for lightly used wikis.  (Basically, untar the wiki dist tarball 
somewhere, and point the browser at the config.php.)

    - Vlad