Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir at
Sat, 13 Nov 2004 02:06:18 -0800

Now that the aviary stuff has settled down somewhat, I wanted to throw 
this out.. if we really want the wikis to become a useful resource, 
there's a few things we might want to do.  Right now we have 5-6 
separate wikis that really should just be sections of a larger Mozilla 
wiki.  Also, the wiki software that we're using is somewhat of a 
disaster -- the pages look like ass, and it would take a decent amount 
of effort to make them look otherwise.  Before we get much more content 
on there, I'd like to suggest a move to a different wiki as part of 
consolidating the current ones.

I just installed mediawiki (, which is the same wiki 
that wikipedia uses -- and it's been a pleasure to install and use.  
Very functional, including user logins and the ability to restrict edits 
to logged-in users, ability to protect pages, etc.  Very simple to 
install, depends on mysql.  Can be accelerated through memcached.  Full 
revision control of edits, including arbitrary diffs and rollbacks.. 
also ability to edit sections of a page independently.

Thoughts?  I'd be happy to help get this set up if we want to move in 
that direction.. I'd love to dump more information in the wikis, but 
right now they're pretty painful to use.  Sending this to moz2.0 (since 
it most directly affects that documentation for now) and sysadmins.. not 
sure if it should also go to staff/drivers/etc.

    - Vlad