Today's 12:30 PDT meeting

Benjamin D. Smedberg bsmedberg at
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:44:19 -0400

Brendan Eich wrote:

> - XUL2 prioritization of Neil's list, other actions
> - Gecko architecture work for 2.0

I'd like to bring up the security model again, and keep it on the radar 
if possible:

Integrated security across Java/XPCOM/.ECMA
    I'm a little bit confused about what is happening with the JS engine 
and the slides I saw from devday about a new shared architecture with 
narcissus. Perhaps I just don't understand what runtime is the basis for 
this effort. In any case, I'm really concerned that we come up with a 
consistent security model

   a) within XPCOM itself. I would love more feedback on my CAPS 
proposal in the wiki:

   b) across runtimes with .ECMA and Java; if we're really making 
python+others first-class members of the XUL scripting world, they're 
implemented in .ECMA, and remote XUL is a real goal, then we need to 
figure out what's going on with the security model. A little bit of 
impedance-matching now probably goes a long way later. I also worry 
about us having hard dependencides on the Mono CAS implementation on any 
sort of schedule... they're working hard on it, but it's a big project.