Today's 12:30 PDT meeting

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:01:05 -0700

Access numbers:

EMEA: +44 118 924 9000
(Don't know the APAC number, but can find it if we have someone over 

Meeting ID: 415705
Password:   415705

Agenda, semi-ordered:
- More canvas news
- Cairo status and politics
- Vlad's universal store thoughts
- XULRunner progress (see -- 
but I object that XUL is not a word! ;-)
- SVG news
- XTF integration patch status, landing plan
- XForms news
- A generic one-click download-and-install managed extension model for 
SVG, XForms, and other such Gecko extensions
- RDF story next steps
- XUL2 prioritization of Neil's list, other actions
- Gecko architecture work for 2.0

We should talk about post-aviary1.0 trunk development a bit, to help 
prepare a plan for drivers and everyone to buy into, if that's 
agreeable.  Certainly, the Gecko architecture work could include a 
laundry-list of design flaws to fix, and we need to break the work into 
pieces that can be checked in without regressing too much after any 
given checkin.  Once aviary1.0 is done, we will be back to consolidated 
apps/back-end trunk development, with branches used only for short, 
limited-scope efforts.  Or so I claim!