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Sat Feb 16 00:25:25 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long semester, but Team Mozilla pushes on! So far, the team has been working diligently to convert several legacy file formats (.dtd, .properties) to the new Fluent (.ftl) file format. Furthermore, multiple members of our team have been working with different types of tooling for the Firefox browser including: detection of fluent file references, automation of migration script creation, and more! Team Mozilla’s next goal is to research a new Fluent text parser for Firefox. More to come…

Here’s a quick scoop on what we’re currently working on (and what we've finished!):

Avery Berninger – Bug 1523741 – Convert aboutTelemetry.dtd to Fluent format, Landed Bug 1517519 & Bug 1517510
Ian Kirkpatrick – Bug 1521792 - Migrating unknownContentType.dtd to Fluent format, also finishing migrationWizard
Nicholas Cowles – Bug 1517521 – Improve conversion script for Fluent migrations, Landed Bug 1517528 & Bug 1517529
Yuan Cheng – Bug 1523737 – Multi-part Fluent migration, Recently Landed Bug 1519923 & Bug 1517496
Brian Chen – Bug 1523763 – Migrating browser.dtd to Fluent format, Landed Bug 1517307
Chris Frey – Bug 1521800 – Convert passwordManager.dtd to Fluent format, Landed Multi-part Bug 1517493

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you to our mentors: Jared Wein and Gijs Kruitbosch, for all the help and insight you’ve provided our team.

We look forward to learning and improving the world’s best browser!

  *   Avery Berninger, Ian Kirkpatrick, Nicholas Cowles, Yuan Cheng, Chris Frey, Brian Chen

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