Change default text direction in URL bar

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Sat Dec 15 23:46:47 UTC 2018


In earlier Firefox versions I was able to change the default text direction
in the URL bar (from right to left, in FF RTL locals) by modifying the
following code in chrome\toolkit\res\forms.css:

@-moz-document url-prefix(chrome://) {
  input.uri-element-right-align:-moz-locale-dir(rtl) {
    direction: ltr !important;
    text-align: right !important;

  Make sure that the location bar's alignment in RTL mode changes according
     to the input box direction if the user switches the text direction
     cmd_switchTextDirection (which applies a dir attribute to the <input>).
  input.uri-element-right-align[dir=ltr]:-moz-locale-dir(rtl) {
    text-align: left !important;

Could anyone please refer me to the relevant code in Firefox 64?
I'd appreciate your help.
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