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Thank You for your feedback! I would like to apologize right now, the version uploaded on youtube didnt have the right acknowledgements however the latest version does so ill try and reupload that to the same link hopefully.

Thank you againa for all your help this semester and the experience you all have given us through this project.

Team Mozilla

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Great video! I think you did a great job explaining what people who want to change their locale have to go through today compared with the much easier route that Fluent will provide. This type of personalization will really help.

This video felt very professional. It was a lot of information to cover in not a lot of time.

Congrats on finishing your semester and thank you for your hard work towards making Firefox better for people all over the world.


On Monday, December 3, 2018, Haider, Raza <haiders2 at<mailto:haiders2 at>> wrote:
> Apologies for not getting this video to you over the weekend. There were some last minute adjustments that were needed and we didnt want to send you an unfinished project. The video has been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed at the following link:
> Hope you enjoy the video and thank you all again for your help this semester.
> Sincerely,
> Team Mozilla
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> Mozilla Capstone Video Fall Semester 2018 (CSE 498 MSU)
> This video was made by Team Mozilla as a part of their capstone course at Michigan State University. It displays the new system being implemented into Mozilla Firefox, FLUENT. This video uses these sounds from freesound: Fast forward.wav by ricardri ( ) Typing by yugi16dm ( ...
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