Default colors on browser tabs should be configurable

souhalt souhalt at
Wed Dec 27 09:15:11 UTC 2017

  Please review about Firefox Quantum (ver. 57 or later):

  The default colors on unfocused (inactive) browser tabs should be configurable or to be changed.
  The default background color is too dark on unfocused (inactive) browser tabs.

- on a focused (active) browser tab (black foreground on white background)

  default foreground color: #000000
  default background color: #F9F9FA

- on unfocused (inactive) browser tabs (white foreground on black background)

  default foreground color: #F9F9FA <- should be configurable
  default background color: #202340 <- should be configurable (too dark)

  The eyes get tired after looking at the browser tabs alternately and frequently.
  Because the contrast between a focused tab and unfocused tabs is too strong.

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