Intent to remove: do_check_*, do_print, do_execute_soon, do_register_cleanup

Florian Quèze florian at
Tue Dec 19 19:14:20 UTC 2017

In order to reduce the confusion for people writing tests using both
xpcshell and mochitests, I'm currently working on removing the old
do_* helpers that have an obvious nicer equivalent.

This is happening in

I'm removing the following do_check_* functions and replacing them
with equivalent Assert.* calls in the existing xpcshell tests:
do_check_true, do_check_false, do_check_eq, do_check_neq,
do_check_null, do_check_matches.

Additionally, I'm renaming do_print to info, do_register_cleanup to
registerCleanupFunction and do_execute_soon to executeSoon.

The patches are large (about 2000 files and 25000 lines touched) so
I'm giving a heads up that I'm expecting to land this in a few days. I
anybody has xpcshell tests that are ready to land, I would suggest
landing them sooner than later.


Florian Quèze

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