Opening bookmarks in new tabs and reusing the current tab

Robert Bücheler rf.buecheler at
Sat Dec 9 06:16:33 UTC 2017

What I understand that @Yuri is saying, is that there should be an option
to switch the current workings of middle- and left- mouse buttons.
Currently, provided browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs is true,
- middle-mouse button opens BM in new tab
- left-mouse button opens BM in current tab (except for pinned tabs)
and with an option (lets say for instance: middlemouse.SwitchWithLeft or
just Switch -- to provide the same feature for left-handers)
- left-mouse button opens BM in new tab
- middle-mouse button opens BM in current tab (except for pinned tabs)

now of course, if the user has a left-handed mouse, then the whole ordeal
would be switched altogether since the left-mouse button opens the pop-up

Is that what is being sought after? Or have I misunderstood the OP?

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 11:44 PM, Yuri Khan <yuri.v.khan at> wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 11:56 AM, Ed Lee <edilee at> wrote:
> > I don't think there's concerns of how difficult it will be to
> > implement some desired functionality. The amount of time it takes to
> > put together a patch with reviews and the discussion here is most
> > likely relatively small compared to the ongoing upkeep of the code and
> > mental load of any other developer looking at or near this code.
> Well, I’m also prepared to file bugs when somebody breaks it. And
> maybe even fix some of the breakages.
> > If you're looking for a 1-click way to get a bookmark to open in the
> > current tab when browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs is true, you can
> > click and drag the bookmark into the page, and it'll replace the
> > current tab. (You can even drag the bookmark to a desired new tab
> > position in the current Firefox window or to another Firefox window.)
> No, for two reasons.
> The technical reason is that, when you pull down the Bookmark menu
> with Alt+B, it opens and obscures some of the tabs. Usually including
> the one that I’d like to replace. (And Alt+B is the only way to access
> bookmarks that does not require precise aiming at a toolbar button AND
> does not incur a permanent cost in screen estate.)
> The personal reason is that I don’t want to drag-and-drop. It’s too
> easy to drop on the wrong tab even with a mouse, and with a touchpad
> pretty much guaranteed.
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