Photon Engineering Newsletter #14

Mike Conley mconley at
Thu Aug 24 17:09:38 UTC 2017

- I suggest visiting that post directly if you want to see the animated
GIFs inline)

Just like jaws did last week
I'm taking over for dolske
this week to talk about stuff going on with Photon Engineering. So sit
back, strap in, and absorb Photon Engineering Newsletter #14

If you've got the release calendar
<> at hand, you'll note that
Nightly 57 merges to Beta on September 20th. Given that there's usually a
soft-freeze before the merge, this means that there are *less than 4 weeks
remaining* for Photon development. That's right - in less than a month's
time, folks on the Beta channel who might not be following Nightly
development are going to get their first Photon experience. That'll be
pretty exciting!

So with the clock winding down, the Photon team has started to shift more
towards polish and bug-fixing. At this point, all of the major changes
should have landed, and now we need to buff the code to a sparkling sheen.

The first thing you may have noticed is that, after a solid run of dogefox
the icon has shifted again:
[image: The new Nightly icon]

The second big change are our new 60fps loading throbbers in the tabs,
coming straight to you from the Photon Animations team!
Here's an animated GIF!
Other recent changesMenus and structure

   - A “Bookmarking Tools” subview
   <> has been added to
   the Library button so you can easily get to the bookmarks toolbar, sidebar,
   and bookmarks menu button
      - Here's an animated GIF!
      - You might have noticed that the downloads button will only appear
   when downloads exist
   <> and isn't movable
   anymore. This is something we're still tinkering with, so stay tuned.
   - We made the sync animation prettier
   <>! Check it out


   - Did we mention the new tab loading throbber?


   - All MVP work is completed! The team is now fixing polish bugs.

Visual redesign

   - The styles for the sidebar have been updated on WIndows
      - [image: The bookmarks sidebar]
      - New icons have landed
   <> for a number of
   <> Firefox functions
   <>. Can you find
   them all?
   - The team also landed a slew of polish and bug fixes. Here's the full


   - The Firefox 57 tours have been enabled
   - The PageAction UITour highlight style has been updated
   <> to be more
   consistent with the rest of Photon
      - [image: The PageAction menu in the URL bar opened with a single
      item highlighted by the UI Tour]
      - A bunch <> of
   <> polish
   <> and
   <> bugfixes
   <> for
   <> the onboarding
   tour have landed!


   - The performance team quickly diagnosed a regression in the
   FX_NEW_WINDOW_MS Telemetry probe
   <> and the
   regressing patch has been backed out.
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