To warn users when browsing a website related with the online counterfeiting

Emilio Casbas ecasbas at
Wed Aug 23 10:24:27 UTC 2017

Hi all,

based on the last comment on this BR:

I would like to follow up on this matter to try to have this feature
The thing is that its quite easy to detect and flag these
counterfeit-related websites.
I have a side project which during 3 years have been flagging such fake webs
with almost a 99% of accuracy and public feedback of the brands affected
about such
results. There is a technical paper about it and the results and feedback
is public:

and the technology is integrated with VirusTotal to provide such
information correlated with
security threats.

Instead of playing the cat and mouse game on this area, why are not the
more proactive with this online fraud?. I would like to see something like
the safebrowsing
technology alerting about these kind of websites in the similar way that
the hacked, phishing
and malware ones are flagged.

Therefore I would like to leverage the dataset collected to protect users
from being lured
of this counterfeit-related websites and asking for your feedback on this
subject and
the possibilities to have it implemented in Firefox.

Many thanks in advance,

Kind regards
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