Improvements to Linting Infrastructure

Andrew Halberstadt ahalberstadt at
Fri Aug 18 14:55:09 UTC 2017

There have been a bunch of improvements to our linting infrastructure that
landed in the past couple weeks, so figured I'd give them a brief highlight:

   - New --fix argument. Running ./mach lint --fix will best effort fix as
   many things as it can in-place. Currently eslint is the only linter to
   support it, though bug 1388721
   <> tracks supporting
   it with flake8. Errors that can't be fixed will be printed to stdout like
   - New --edit argument. Running ./mach lint --edit will open errors in
   your $EDITOR. For most editors, this is very naive (just opens each file
   containing errors one at  a time). But if using vim (or neovim), this will
   open errors in the quickfix list
   <>. You can pass both
   --edit and --fix at the same time, in which case errors that can be fixed
   automatically will be, and the rest will be opened in your editor.
   - Callek added yamllint <>
   linter. Run with ./mach lint -l yaml. If you use yaml, feel free to add
   your path
   - New compact formatter. This mimics eslint's compact formatter, run
   ./mach lint -f compact to use it.
   - rajk enabled the 'dot-notation' eslint rule across the tree.
   - Satvik Daga enabled the 'no-new-wrappers' eslint rule across the tree.
   - Luciano I enabled the 'no-whitespace-before-property' eslint rule
   across the tree.
   - Callek added the ability to list linters. Use ./mach lint --list to
   see available linters.

There are also a couple bug fixes:

   - dyex fixed it so passing in a non-existent path now errors out rather
   than silently passing.
   - wpt linter no longer lints every file every time

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