FF >= v57 a11y -- separate toolbars for Search & URL?

Andrew McKay amckay at mozilla.com
Mon Aug 14 18:33:20 UTC 2017

Rather like sidebars, the intent would be most likely to implement a
toolbar as HTML, which I don't think would solve the posters needs. If
HTML was an option then this could be done in the sidebar right now.

On 14 August 2017 at 11:27, Justin Dolske <dolske at mozilla.com> wrote:
> I think your question basically boils down to how to add toolbars with
> WebExtensions.
> AFAIK that isn't currently possible, but bug 1215064 covers the possibility
> of adding such an API. The dev-addons is a better place to discuss the
> future of WebExtension APIs -- https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-addons
> As a workaround, you can use the bookmarks toolbar as a customization
> target. (i.e. remove the bookmarks items from it, and add the search box to
> it). Firefox 57 plans to remove the search box from the default UI, but it
> will still be available for those who prefer a separate search box.
> Justin
> On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 9:34 AM, <alanpers at cluemail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> With Firefox 57's move to 'next-UI' & WebExtensions, I've been told on
>> #irc that modification of major UI elements will be "not possible" anymore.
>> That was echoed in #firefox, #accessibility & #webextensions.
>> To be clear, the message was that these existing/historical capabilities
>> WILL be dropped, and going forward WON'T be available in core, and WON'T be
>> available in webextensions.
>> For an accessibility (a11y) population (vision-challenged ...), testing
>> with current v57 (yes I know it's early), without those capabilities, the
>> results are not good atm -- it's simply a non-starter until I can find some
>> sort of manageable workaround.
>> I was told to ask further here.
>> Generally, persons with clinical vision disabilities need (both
>> functionally, and within constraints, legally) to be able to access & see
>> displayed data.
>> Ideally, search and url fields 'should' have the width to display "lots of
>> alrge-font chars" (meaning, terms, full url, path, etc etc), without scroll.
>> And preferably without all sorts of 'cute' animation.
>> Lots of FF extensions have provided that capability for years.  In this
>> case, the extremely popular and widely used 'Classic Theme Restorer' has
>> been a perfect solution.
>> It tests well.  Because of its capabilities/flexibilities that got high
>> marks with various user & legal constituencies, training, procedures, etc
>> have been invested and put in place.
>> IIUC, with FF >= v57, those capabilities go away.
>> I'm aware of the a11y initiative @
>> https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/accessibility-features-firefox-make-firefox-and-we
>> but it currently appears to miss the boat on field widths; for large font
>> + bad vision, I need to separate Search & URL fields onto their own, 100%
>> width toolbars.
>> Using userChrome, I *HAVE* found how to relocate/reorder EXISTING elements
>> (Tab bar, bookmarks bar), but not yet how to ADD new populatable toolbars.
>> And, there was at least mention of the possiblity that userChrome may go
>> away.
>> So, the easiest way to ask the question is:
>>         What timely, functional options do, or will soon, exist in FF
>> going forward?
>>         If not this list, where is the right place to have this
>> conversation to help affect change in FF, so we don't "lose" to proprietary
>> options from Apple & Microsoft?
>> Alan
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