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Let’s get straight into update #1

Oh, hey, anyone notice any icon chances recently? Yeah, they’re pretty
wonderful. Or maybe I should say *fun*derful? Looking forward to where they
end up!

[image: about-logo at 2x]

Speaking of looking forward, I’m going to be on vacation
<,_2017> for the
next two weeks. But fear not! Jared <> and
Mike <> will be covering Photon updates, so
you’ll still be able to get your Photon phix.
Recent Changes


   - When users first open Firefox 57, we will now move items they added to
   the old hamburger panel into the new overflow panel
      - As part of this work, the photon structure pref was removed, and we
      made a start with removing some of the old code we were lugging around
      until now. This removed over 2500 lines of code!
   - Pocket was added to the  page action menu
   - You can now removed pinned page actions from the URL bar via a context
   menu <> on the icons
   (in addition to the menu items in the page action menu itself).
   - The favicon for customize mode
   <> now matches the
   icon used elsewhere.
   - We broke, and then fixed, the history button
   <>. Oops. Sorry
   about that!
   - Fixed a bunch <>
   of styling <> and
   behavior <> issues.


   - New panel animations
   <> have landed.
   - More of the new download animation
   <> has landed. When
   a download starts, and arrow zooms into the download icon, and when it
   finishes the download icon expands/pulses a couple times.
      - Also made the download progressbar fill in the opposite direction
      <> in RTL locales.
   - Made adjustments to the stop-reload animation to stop playing the
   animation if pages load fast
   <>, also not playing
   the animation while tabs are opening or closing


   - Completed a general facelift of preferences
   <> (font & size &
   colors) to match Photon style. New icons
   <>, too.
   - Removed all colons
   <> from subdialog
   - Nearing completion of the Photon preferences MVP work!

Visual redesign:

   - Updated the button positions
   <> in the navbar,
   and made them more customizable. (This was a contributor patch – thanks!)
   - Close buttons updated across the UI
   <> (also a
   contributor patch!)
   - The “Compact Light” and “Compact Dark” themes have been renamed to
   simply “Light” and “Dark”. (The UI density setting is already independent
   of the theme.)


   - Added the opt-out auto-refresh checkbox into the stub installer
   <>. When it finds
   you’re (re)installing Firefox on top of an already-installed Firefox that’s
   2+ versions out of date, it will offer to perform a profile refresh. This
   helps avoid problems with people who once tried Firefox, but then stopped
   using it (sometimes due to problems caused by an add-on or setting).
   [image: reinstall]
   - Updated the UITour highlight style
   <> to the Photon
   - Added UITour support for the Page Action panel
   <>, so the
   Onboarding can later use it to introduce the Screenshot feature located
   - Addressed a couple of accessibility
   <> issues


   - The tab strip now uses CSS smooth-scroll
   <>, which avoids
   janky synchronous reflows while scrolling through tabs.
   - When closing a tab, the next tab is now selected faster
   - Replaced various timers with idle callbacks
   <> to avoid jank
   soon after startup.
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