Intent to remove SocialAPI Share

Shane Caraveo scaraveo at
Fri Aug 11 20:39:28 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

The last feature left from SocialAPI is the Share feature.  This was the 
only used feature from SocialAPI but it's use has been declining over 
time and is not significant.  At the same time, SocialAPI has not kept 
up with all the changes in the past year leading up to Firefox 57. 
Rather than fix and maintain the code, I intend to remove it.

The basic concepts of SocialAPI are covered by a better structured and 
more evolved system we all know as WebExtensions.  The Share feature 
itself is well covered by page actions, and many of the features 
previously removed from SocialAPI are also covered in WebExtensions.  If 
I find the time I'll look at creating a webextension implementation of 

To my understanding there are no dependencies left on SocialAPI, if you 
are aware of any please let me know, or better yet comment on the 
removal bug.


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