Should we disable the default browser check in local builds?

Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult enrico.weigelt at
Wed Aug 2 12:04:53 UTC 2017

On 31.07.2017 19:31, Andrew Halberstadt wrote:


I, personally, would like to drop that completely.

This is one of the thing that always annoyed me: $app asking to be
default for $xyz, and then having some platform and DE specific code
to somehow make this work ...

And such behaviour really reminds me to second-hand car dealers.

Anyways, this all depends on that there really is some concept of
"default application" on the actual platform (my systems usually
dont have that at all), and the individual applications have to
implement lots of special platform specific stuff (eg. haven't seen
anything in moz that touches mc.ext file, ...).

Oh, wait, there's even more: default for *what* exactly ?

Any URL w/ http://... ? or ftp ? HTML files ? Perhaps other files
that moz can handle (eg. images) ? ... the definition of for what
the default should apply isn't even clear and differs between
platforms. Can of worms.

IMHO, this strictly belongs into the control of the DE (if there
even is any - or the user/operator). The only actual audience I see
here are people using installers (which are a debatable concept
anyways), so that stuff should be moved there.


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