[Go Faster] Intent to Implement System Add-on: SHIELD/Normandy

Felipe G felipc at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 19:21:04 UTC 2016

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 6:56 PM, Michael Kelly <mkelly at mozilla.com> wrote:

> The add-on itself does not require localization yet. All strings that
> might be localized are fetched as part of the configuration for actions
> that's entered in the admin interface and stored in the server's
> database. We can target recipes by locale, so sending out a localized
> survey would involve creating a new recipe targeted to the locale in
> question, and using localized strings for the config.
> For the time being we are only sending out recipes in en-*. When the S&I
> team starts to talk about sending out non-en-* recipes, we'll be sure to
> loop in the l10n team and come up with a process for submitting and
> translating strings.
> - Mike Kelly
Can that decision to not work on localization right now be revisited?
Starting that effort later when everything else is done will be more work
than working on this in parallel right now.

If you leave localization for the future, what will happen is:

- someone needs an experiment outside of en-*
- there's no process for it, so a lot of people need to get engaged to start
working on the tools, flow, code, etc. about how to deal with localization
- after that is done (~1 month), you'll have to wait more time until actual
localized strings come in
- by the time you have everything, the experiment is no longer needed

Also, for the people involved in the process of creating/approving
(the S&I team?), every time someone comes with a en-* only experiment,
a lot of flags should be raised. Usage behavior is widely different across
and most of our userbase is not on en-*, so any experiment targeting en-*
will have questionable results.

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