What if you could reinvent Firefox theming?

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> Thanks for posting the results. A couple of observations...
> Why do you install themes?
> [...] At 12% of responses was closer integration with the operating system
> Do the raw responses have further detail on what OSes are involved, and what kind of closer integration?
> I'm guessing this is mostly Linux (due to the gazillion different desktop environments and OS themes), though I also see the 28th-most-used theme on AMO is for making Firefox look like IE8.

We didn’t read out their userAgent string, if that’s what you mean - but in this case I already know the answer regardless :)

This is about Linux only. Closer GTK and/ or KDE integration is what they need and want, especially when dark themes are applied.
Windows respondents often mentioned that they want to fix the Windows uglyness instead; especially the (context-)menus were mentioned as being incoherent and ugly across windows versions and apps.

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