Build taskgraph generation landed

Dustin Mitchell dustin at
Tue Sep 13 20:44:45 UTC 2016

I think many of the concerned people were flagged for r? on bug
1286075, but for everyone else, it's landed in inbound today.

If you haven't mucked around with the configuration of which
TaskCluster tasks run for pushes, and how they run, then you can tune
out now.

If you have a project that I've rudely said "please wait until I land
this", then now is your chance!

The changes were pretty wide-spread, but the upshot is this:
taskcluster/ci/legacy is gone, as as all of the yaml files with their
weird inheritance hierarchies.  In their place is a better
implementation that should be more semantic and easier to modify or
extend.  This is well documented under
(or will be once it lands in central).

Please send any questions my way, as always!


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