What if you could reinvent Firefox theming?

Myk Melez myk at mykzilla.org
Sat Sep 10 00:23:55 UTC 2016

> Justin Dolske <mailto:dolske at mozilla.com>
> 2016 September 8 at 15:41
> "Make things bigger" is somewhat curious... On Windows this is typically
> done by adjusting the display scaling factor in the OS settings. I wonder
> if people don't know about that, or are looking to make Firefox --
> specifically -- larger than normal. I'm unclear on what Linux offers these
> days, and while I think OS X supports this internally it's not exposed in
> any UI. (Apple's preferred route seems to be screen zooming. Which is neat,
> I use it all the time and have normal vision.) So I'd be curious to
> understand this use-case better.
I suspect that users indeed are unaware that they can fix this in OS 
settings (except on Mac), and if an OS vendor asked the same questions 
about the system as a whole, they'd get a similar response. It'd be 
interesting for us to confirm that with a followup question about 
Firefox vs. apps in general.

For my part, I too have "normal" (i.e. emmetropic) vision too (although 
lately with a bit of presbyopia). Nevertheless, I've long found native 
UI affordances to be too small. In the past, I've decreased the 
resolution of my display or installed themes with larger icons (in apps 
that support themes) to mitigate the issue. These days I mostly just 
live with it for native apps. But I almost always zoom web apps.

Although it's dangerous to extrapolate from a sample of two (especially 
us two!) I suspect we aren't isolated cases, and there's a population of 
folks with "normal" vision who nonetheless prefer larger affordances for 
better readability, easier click targets, etc. and are willing to trade 
off space for content or other windows (or, in your case, to use 
features like screen zooming).

> Separately from themes, I think it would be a good idea to consider adding
> preferences UI for the default zoom-level of page content in Firefox.
Indeed. Another interesting (but more complex to implement) option would 
be to adjust that zoom level to maximize the horizontal usage of space 
of a page, zooming more for sites with small font sizes and narrow 
columns of content, and less for sites where the default zoom level 
pushes content offscreen and creates horizontal scrollbars (or triggers 
an over-responsive mobile-friendly rearranging of content).


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