Reorganization of Firefox-UI tests in mozilla-central

Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Mon Sep 5 12:27:48 UTC 2016

Mike de Boer <mdeboer at> writes:

> I think that sub-dividing unit test per-suite/ runner is the wrong
> way to go, especially for new contributors. It imposes the use and
> knowledge of jargon that is utterly unnecessary and uninspiring.

I’m in full agreement here.  It’s also my opinion that tests should
live close to the code and functionality they’re testing.

Someone new to Firefox development does not have the same tribal
references as we have.  It’s not obvious what an xpcshell, a mochitest,
or a Marionette test is.  Reference tests stick out as they carry a
name more common in the industry.

> <mini-rant>I don’t quite understand the opposition against unifying
> the assertion styles and test suite/ runner API surface. Why insist
> on keeping this separation whereas it’s all written in JS and can be
> the same with a bit of effort? Same goes for the Python counterpart,
> of course; let’s get the API surface unified at the very least!
> </mini-rant>

As a Marionette peer, I’m not at all opposed to rework how our
Python-based tests are written.  In fact, I think the current test
framework is pretty terrible to work with for the purposes of what
it’s used to test, but I might hold that opinion just because I’ve been
exposed to how it’s implemented.

The challenge is finding the resources to do anything about it.  I
could imagine this would be a good intern project, as it’s not clear
what the net benefit for the project is when you compare it to the
priority of some of the other Marionette/WebDriver related projects
that we’re undertaking.

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