Reorganization of Firefox-UI tests in mozilla-central

Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Mon Sep 5 12:11:09 UTC 2016

Gijs Kruitbosch <gijskruitbosch at> writes:

> IOW, I don't think renaming mochitest (and in any case, which one?)
> to "functional" doesn't really help clarify things. We also already
> kind of reached the conclusion that "integration" is a bad name for
> the fx-ui tests, for related reasons.

I’m not going to make the argument that we rename the current tests,
but to an outsider who’s getting into Firefox development “mochitest”
and “marionette” are also not helping to make things clearer.

Conceptually, I don’t think organising tests by their primary function
is a bad idea.  What wasn’t mentioned earlier is that it’s of course
possible to have functional tests written in _different_ harnesses.

A tangent to this discussion is that I’ve wanted to split up the Mn
test job on try for a very long time.  It currently encompasses nearly
all tests written using the Marionette test framework in the tree, but
also includes the functional tests for the Marionette implementation

This hasn’t been a problem so much recently, but it used to be case
that some code change caused Loop to break, and people thought they’d
broken Marionette but the fact was that they broke the Loop tests
_inside_ the Mn job.

This tangent is, however, more about test organisation at the try level
rather than files in tree, however.

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