Reorganization of Firefox-UI tests in mozilla-central

Henrik Skupin mail at
Fri Sep 2 07:08:52 UTC 2016

Gijs Kruitbosch wrote on 09/01/2016 06:24 PM:

> As I did over IRC, I would like to strongly object to the continued use 
> of per-test-type subfolders in our test directories. You can already use 
> a specific mach command per test type, and the tests are listed in 
> different manifests, *and* there's all the different filename 
> conventions (browser_, test_....html, test_....xul, <whatever>.js) that 
> further point out what type of test you're looking at. The subfolders 
> add nothing useful.

The problematic piece here will be the package-tests step which
currently picks complete subfolders. It would mean if we mix-up tests
for firefox-ui-tests and eg. mochitests all would end-up twice in the archive. If we want to get away from using subfolders
we would have to improve the test archiver
first to not only collect the directories of referenced manifests, but
also only pick those tests which are referenced and leave all others
behind. This would apply to all test suites currently covered by this
mozbuild action.

> Finally, "firefox_ui" (as well as "ui") as a name for a directory is 
> going to cause all kinds of confusion for people exploring the repo 
> without detailed knowledge of what's going on. Additionally, it's not 
> like most of the mochitest-browser tests aren't tests of the Firefox 
> UI... If we absolutely must have some kind of subdirectory because of 
> reasons I have yet to hear, I think "integration" would be a better 
> choice of name as far as subdirs of "test" go (as juxtaposed to "unit" 
> for our xpcshell tests).

I would totally be fine with integration as name, unless we don't hit
the above mentioned problem that tests for other harnesses end-up in the
same folder.


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