What if you could reinvent Firefox theming?

Jared Wein jwein at mozilla.com
Fri Sep 2 15:48:10 UTC 2016

(cc'ing dev-platform, please reply to firefox-dev)

What if you could reinvent Firefox theming? What would it look like, what
would its capabilities be?

We want users to have fun customizing Firefox and make it feel like their
own. We hope to make it easier to create the type of themes that people
have always wanted to make.

Today Firefox has both "complete themes" and "themes". "Complete themes"
are harder to make but provide unlimited theming power, whereas "themes"
are easier to make but limit the theme author to just setting a background
image and some text colors. We would like to merge these into a single
system that provides the right amount of balance while also easier to use
than what we already have.

Can you help us out by filling out the following survey?


Mike de Boer and Jared Wein on behalf of the Firefox engineering team
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