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David Burns dburns at
Fri Sep 2 10:27:40 UTC 2016

Below is a highlight of all work the build peers have done since the last

The build peers have been working to get faster builds in automation as
well as for local developers. We have landed changes to stop generating
XPIDL sources in artifact builds[2], which is a performance and correctness

We have also been working hard at removing the legacy m4+shell autoconf
mess. We are now below 70% of the size when we started this project. Since
the last update we have removed over 3000 lines[3].

Build tasks in taskcluster are now using c4.4xlarge instances instead of
c3.2xlarge[4] - builds are faster by around 20%[5].

As part of the work to allow us to use an alternate build backend we have
managed to get Firefox building NSS with GYP on Linux[6]. Other platforms
are to follow before we land this change. We have also been reviewing
changes to build XPIDL sources with TUP[7].

Support for building Rust sources via Cargo has been landed in
mozilla-central[8]. For more information read the Dev.Platform post[9]

Last but not least, our intern project to use msys2 has reached its goal.
The new msys2 environment now builds on mozilla-central. We will be sending
out a separate email about this for those who would like to try it out.









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