Testing safe mode

Andreas Tolfsen ato at mozilla.com
Sat Dec 24 13:17:55 UTC 2016

Ryan VanderMeulen <rvandermeulen at mozilla.com> writes:

> Most if not all of our automated test harnesses rely on add-ons to
> grant extra privileges and such. Would it even be possible to use
> them in safe mode?

Due to add-on signing, we currently install relevant test harness add-
ons at runtime using Marionette and the AddonManager:


I’m not sure when the canRunInSafeMode function Ehsan linked to is run,
but it definitely seems possible to bypass the safe mode tests to allow
this testing.

I also notice that it is assumed temporary add-ons are allowed to run
in safe-mode by default.  Unsure if automation add-ons are installed
this way, but I suspect they are, which means they would pass the
canRunInSafeMode check.

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