New weird password manager behaviour

Tanvi Vyas tanvi at
Thu Dec 22 21:54:53 UTC 2016

We are trying to improve the autocomplete experience for Password 
Manager in Firefox 52+, because we are aiming to 1) warn users when they 
focus on username/password fields on HTTP pages, and 2) stop autofilling 
on HTTP pages in 52.

We are tracking the work for Firefox 52, and already have a bug on file 
for the odd behavior Gerv described (1318203 

On 12/22/16 1:15 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 12/22/16 11:11 AM, Matthew N. wrote:
>> We're still refining the behaviour of when the autocomplete popup should
>> appear so these are known issues:
> Given that this behavior is on Aurora at this point, and hence fixes 
> will need uplifting, please make sure the relevant tracking flags are 
> set on all bugs that are relevant here.  We don't want things to slip 
> through the cracks and get shipped to users because we forgot to 
> uplift something.
> -Boris
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