New weird password manager behaviour

Chris Peterson cpeterson at
Thu Dec 22 18:28:03 UTC 2016

On 12/22/2016 7:35 AM, Jared Wein wrote:
> - On webpages that have both a username and password, the password 
> field often comes after the username. The autocomplete dropdown only 
> shows up when the field is empty, so most users will not see it unless 
> they try to enter in their password first. This is also why we don't 
> autofill the username portion in this case, because if someone is 
> going backwards (password first, then username), there is a high 
> chance that the user may want to share a password between accounts.

This is not what I see. Most password pages I see auto-fill the username 
and password correctly, but Firefox still shows the password field's 
username dropdown. I see this even when there is only one username in 
the dropdown!

This UI feels very wonky. It is so annoying that I tried to make it go 
away by purging my "Saved Logins" settings of old or mistyped Okta 
passwords that Firefox had remembered.

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