New weird password manager behaviour

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Dec 22 11:03:29 UTC 2016

I can't find any bugs on this, and the behaviour is in both Nightly and
Aurora, so it must be intentional...

Why, very often, when Mozilla is auto-filling a username and password,
does it now automatically drop-down a list of _usernames_ from the
_password_ field? This is very confusing, because the contents don't
match the field it drops from, and clicking one of them doesn't populate
the password field with the text you clicked.

If I wanted the password for a different username, I would edit the
username field. If you want to make that particularly easy, you could
make the dropdown come down from the username field. But why from the
password field?

I get massive cognitive dissonance every time this happens, and it feels
like a bug - the dropdown is attached to the wrong field. It is also
annoying because the dropdown often covers the "Submit" button on the
form, which is often directly below the password field. Lastly, the
dropdown appears to have focus so I have to dismiss the dropdown by
clicking outside it before I can actually log in. Given that the idea of
a password manager is to save clicks, it's now doubled my click count
for these forms.

The only way to stop this evil seems to be not to have multiple logins
for the site - and surely one of the advantages of a password manager is
that it should be able to cope well with multiple logins, not discourage
people from having them.

It's hard to take a screenshot of because pressing the screenshot button
dismisses the dropdown!



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