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Brian Grinstead bgrinstead at
Thu Dec 15 17:54:43 UTC 2016

> On Dec 15, 2016, at 9:38 AM, Jeff Griffiths <jgriffiths at> wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce we will be landing and shipping two new themes in Firefox 53. These themes are based on the current Dev Edition theme and will be enabled by users in both about:addons#appearance and customization mode. Australis will continue to be the default theme.
> FAQ:
> Q: why?
> A: since releasing Dev Edition in 2014 we've observed that the dev edition theme is popular for non-developers for a few interesting reasons: some users prefer a dark theme, some users are using low-resolution displays and appreciate the minimal use of space, and some users simply prefer the look.
> Q: when?
> B: Firefox 53, currently in nightly and likely due to be released in April 2017.

Just a clarification: the themes have not landed in nightly, work is still in progress in Bug 1314091 and blockers.

> Q: April, really?
> A: no, we're not shipping this on April 1. I apologize for the vagueness, we just haven't published a release schedule for 2017 yet.
> Jeff
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