Firefox frontend tools discussion follow-up

David Teller dteller at
Fri Dec 9 22:02:41 UTC 2016

Sorry about missing this, I was talking in front of CD.

A quick word to say that there are already plans to introduce Flow,
concocted with the JS team, the Build team, the mozReview team and
Release Management. I was planning to be detached from CD to implement
this myself, but looks like it won't be happening in the near future. So
johannh, rhelmer, feel free to ping me to discuss plans, so that I can
at least fill you on what we came up with.


On 09/12/16 11:26, Jared Wein wrote:
> We just completed our Firefox frontend tools discussion. Below are the
> notes from the meeting.
> Action Items:
>   * johann will look deeper at mozscreenshots to see what we can do to
>     use it better (details below)
>   * jaws will try to write some automated tests for SVG best practices
>     and making sure PNGs are optimized
>   * gijs will try to look in to removing #includes
> Thanks to all those that attended! Please reply to this email with any
> other thoughts you may have.
> Cheers,
> Jared

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