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On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 5:11 PM, M V <mvocom at> wrote:

> Hello JS4Lf, Eric, Daniel and David,
> Thank you for replying and for the useful information.
> 1) Each component in itself may indeed not be a primary source of memory
> consumption. All of them combined might be significant.

They might be, but that's not the expectation of the people who work on this
code. If you can provide evidence that some set of these features is
consuming a significant amount of memory, we can take a look at that.

>     Please don't get me wrong: all the features I have mentioned are
> great, but why impose them on those who never use them?

Because while any particular feature may not be important to one person,
that doesn't mean that one of the other features aren't, so it's not clear
that there's a subset that would have a significant size reduction and also
be useful to a big enough fraction of people. For instance, I don't use
Pocket but I use WebRTC.

Moreover, making any kind of subset adds complexity for development,
build, and test.

2)  IMO, the binary size matters as well.
> 3) I mentioned ABP because of its popularity and high memory consumption.
> But even if (or rather when; thank you all who are working
>     on it) this issue is resolved, the basic question remains: why not
> adapt Firefox to the vast majority of users?

I think there's a natural presumption that having all the features
available does


Best regards.
> 2015-06-29 1:00 GMT+03:00 Daniel Holbert <dholbert at>:
>> Someone posted basically the same request last year, here:
>> Please see the responses in that thread. Basically, the features you
>> mention are (or should be) designed to be "lazily loaded", so they don't
>> consume any memory at all until they're used. So, removing them wouldn't
>> actually help.
>> We do have people working on finding & fixing memory leaks and reducing
>> memory usage, for what it's worth. (And in many cases, add-ons like ABP
>> are partly to blame; see for example this post from last year:
>> )
>> On 06/27/2015 05:38 PM, M V wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > FF 39 consumes approximately 240 MB on start-up (with ABP installed).
>> >
>> > The average user doesn't use any of the Dev Tools.
>> > Also, many users never use WebRTC, Pocket, Reader etc..
>> >
>> > How about offering users Firefox Lite?
>> > - Either a separate FF version, or providing the option to choose the
>> > components to install.
>> > I'm quite sure it would enlarge Firefox market share.
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